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  2. I did on motor oil. 650 km ago. That was Last june. It seems like tranny use motor oil fromage what i ve learned. However i didnt change front and rear gear oil yet. it doesn't look like an issue at this point unless i'm wrong.
  3. Hi! I own a rancher at 2004 since few months and works perfectly. However i realized that when i climb a hill especially rough one, or when i doing a donut in the sand, transmission seems to slip for about one second. I can hear the motor rolling free and feel like i'm going to neutral. I had this summer to carry a broken polaris in a trailer and my honda did a great job and no slipping, but when I "shake it"a little it may slip! I read it could be an oil problem(low level). Is anyone ever had this problem or noticed it? Thanks a lot!

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