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  2. Thanks buddy, yeah I saw a rook of people on another forum asking for it and they all left their emails so I've hijacked their email addresses! (This site isn't very good for iPhone or iPad!-or those devices are just pants.) my dads got a puller were going to try later I've looked for soooo long online for manuals and diags. What is left to do on yours then? It runs, you've got good tyres, u missing a seat or plastics?
  3. Cheers Gary, luckily it's already got a limiter on, I've degreased it all today and hosed it down. Also replaced part of the wiring loom that had burnt out. Wheels need a clean up and some rust grinding off, get my dad to make up some decals for it. I've got the brake housing off it but I can't get the drum off it! Looking for some kinda manual or YouTube video on how to do it! Thought I'd screwed it at one point with the wiring but it all came together! Just gotta figure out why it's not kicking out any power to the light next! Very common quad but seems very difficult to get servicing manual!!!
  4. Erm, I'm new? Hello... British... I bought a 50cc for my little girl for Christmas, second hand. No brakes (well no pressure on the cable from the drum so assume no shoes or mechanism) and was looking for some information on it and how I could make it a little mo girly and appealing for her?! So now I'm here! Howdy! Sam.

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