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  1. I tried to find this earlier with no avail. This will help alot. Tomorrow I will turn this quad upside down if I have to to find the number. Thank you again man.
  2. I am trying to locate the vin on my 1985 honda trx250. TIA
  3. I just acquired a 1985 honda trx250. She is in need of some love, badly. Which I will be showin the old girl. I will post pics tomorrow [it's dark here now]. Strangely it does not look like the pics of trx250's that I have viewed with google images. Mine seems as if it has been stretched out but the frame is solid and has not been chopped and welded. And it still has the sticker on the front with the model and date. I also have been trying to locate the vin number but don't know where to look. Any help would be appreciated I will also make a thread in the honda forum. Hi and tia.

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