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  2. just wanted to give some closure to this thread. Finally got so frustrated at just guessing so I put a meter on the connectors coming from the stator. The pulse was sending signal thru the two connector black plug, however the whitish plastic plug was not. This was the "checkered" wiring that went to the upper coil, the smaller one that went inside the flywheel. I had a spare stator and replaced it using a soldering iron. Went over all the wiring again, put it back together and go spark. I've been driving it around the yard in the snow. Honestly I'm still not 100% certain that was the proble
  3. well I swapped out various coils and I'm still without spark. This has to be a ground problem or a bad switch or something. I need to read up on the best way to put a meter on it and find out if its giving me power.
  4. thanks - either way - looks like I'll be taking the cover back off. I can't get to it tonight but I'll look at it tomorrow and follow up with what I find.
  5. thanks for the response - I have one from the donor bike - I'll use that and see if its consistent.
  6. Hello I have an '86 LT230s. recently I put a new top end in. Took it out for a test drive after the rebuild and the screw holding the cam chain tensioner was loose and fell out. When I stopped the motor I couldn't start again. Fearing the cam chain jumped the timing I pushed it back, reset the timing by using a screwdriver in the spark plug hole to determine the top end. Bike still wouldn't start where in the past it would start on the first kick. I was pretty confident I hadn't screwed up the timing so I pulled the spark plug to spray some starting fluid in the chamber and noticed the spar

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