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  1. trodge400ex


  2. i hade a 150 jet in it and it ran even worse
  3. once it gets out of low end bog it will fly. mid to high rpms it runs like a champ. the clutch feels strong
  4. i think it has a stage 2 cam in it also. could that have anything to do with the no low end power?
  5. thanks i will try that. yea its a 38 main and a 148 slow jet
  6. its turned about 1 1/2 turns and the clip postion is the 3rd one.
  7. im not sure i bought it from the guy with it knocking so i never got to ride it before.
  8. i have a 2003 400ex. when i got the atv it had a 40cc big bore kit but i went back stock because it was knocking. i put a new carb with stock jets. when im riding in first gear and and shift and get on the gas the quad wants to bog. it has no low end torqe what so ever. it also has a new plug. idk if it has something to do with the valves or what. idk where else to look. thanks.

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