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  2. At the moment I only have the rear but am having a guy look at putting an equaliser valve & new line in so I have front as well. Yeah it does get a bit hairy sometimes just sliding & Ive had a couple of close calls with roos lying in the middle of the tracks ! So far its been ok but Im not gonna leave it that way thats for sure.
  3. I wish it was, it'd be a nice guard cat ! & hey shit happens. Riding a sport quad, FUN ! Petty its not a 450 but I wasnt sure if I could handle it 1 handed. Still lots of fun though. At least Im back out riding, thats what its all about after all.
  4. Thanks for that, Ill look into it. I know what you mean about the vibrations, it sucks big time & there aint f..k all you can do. It doesnt stop me going full throttle though ! I payed for it so Im gonna use it :-)
  5. I would LOVE to ride with both arms , but after hitting a tree & getting spinal damage my right arm is lifeless. Hence the "SwingArm" It just hangs. I think your on to something with the stabiliser. Is that the same as a steering damper like they use on 2 wheels ? And the reason I asked about wider A arms is I have a Chinese 250 & the front has a much wider track than the rear & although not as grunty as the raptor, I can throw it around a lot more & it feels a lot more stable.
  6. Ive been riding for many years on 2 wheels, but only about 1yr on 4 wheels. Its like its digging in at the front & turning hard full lock & with only 1 arm its a bit nerve racking :-)
  7. I try to keep my weight as far back as possible ( all 60 kg ) but it just wants to turn the front full lock & try & throw me. It probably wouldnt be that bad, but Ive only got my left arm that works & in control. My right arm sits in my pocket.
  8. Hi, tyres could be a problem ur right but the only problem is that I ride mainly on trails & its when I come across the sand its the problem which was a few miles of it last time, but I might not see sand for days at the same time. Dont want to wreck the tyres on harder stuff. Could wider "A" arms help do you think as it is stock in that sense.
  9. Hi from Australia, This is all new to me, so I hope you can help as I go along. I recently purchased a second hand Raptor 350 in mint condition, it was still running original tread. Anyway to get to the point, this is my first quad Ive owned but not ridden. The problem Im having is that when I hit the soft sand both uphill & down, it tries to do a 90* turn without my consent or knowledge. Ive had a few off track experiences so far & Im not that fond of trees. Any suggestions of how to remedy this. Any help is appreciated.

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