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  2. So, just oil and a plug - really? What specific plug did you use? What year is your 400?
  3. I agree, but I do not have any dealers anywhere near me - short of a long ferry ride. Thanks for the confirmation.
  4. Hi Folks, This is my first post... I have a 2004 Outlander Max XT that stalls out above 900 feet (yes, 900, not 9,000'). It progressively gets worst the higher you go. I have consistently returned to the same location / elevation and it always "acts up" above 900' and gets worst up to 1,900'. I have cleaned the carb and replaced most all seals & jets with a rebuild kit. When it happens, I am completely on my own. It will not start again without a 1/2 hour+ wait unless... I can sometimes manage to temporarily get it running in short (15 second - 2 minute) bursts by: 1. Draining the carb 2. Waiting a few minutes 2. Spraying starter fluid into the carb 3. Starting it, then slamming it into gear 4. Going like heck (wide-open throttle) 5. If it starts, it will then give me a short burst until it succumbs/stalls again 6. Repeat until I drop below 800-900', then it runs fine I was thinking of putting in after-market jets, but I would rarely go above 2,000' around here and possibly up to maybe 5,500' in other parts of the state (Alaska). So I am here at this forum looking for a few suggestions. FYI - I live at sea-level or there-abouts and there are no dealers anywhere close. Thanks for your time.

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