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  2. My previous reply is for "oxidized-black".
  3. THANKS! But guess what; I went out today and bought me another old ATV. It's a 1986 Kawasaki 185 Bayou. Now I need an owner''s manual for it. Kawasaki does not have one that I can download. Can you help? Maybe just tell me a website where I can find a manual. I'm going to tinker with both of them this warm season, and hope to have both going by Fall. Thanks again for the Honda manual and link.
  4. Can't walk very well anymore, so I bought me a 'fixer-upper' 93 Honda TRX200D 4-wheeler. I have never ridden a 4-wheeler before, but did ride a 3-wheeler a few times 30 years ago. I'm sure I'll be reading this forum a lot to get information. It's not running, and is still in the back of my S-10 pickup. I had hoped to find an owner's manual for it, but spending most of an hour searching online turned up nothing. It seems there is a manual available for almost every Honda ATV, but not for the TRX200D. So, I'm going to need lots of help from some of you nice guys. Thanks from Mississippi

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