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  1. Hey thanks everyone it's good to be back and yes i served in Afghanistan and did a year in Korea. BTW yes i did get the black 450r with the blue and white flames, i love the look except the seat looks kinda purple in bad light
  2. I havn't been on QuadCrazy for over a year, betweeen getting out of the Military and relocating my family, and starting a new job things have been crazy. The site has changed and grown alot. I like the new look the hosts are doing a great job. Sadly i havn't done much riding either since Christmas when my 400ex was stolen. But i recently purchased a 2008 450er and I plan on putting some hours on it!
  3. I found one on ebay, have to see how it ends tomarrow night.
  4. I'm looking for an exhaust for my 2000 400EX, anything better than stock will do. Working with limited budget so nothing over $150

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