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  2. wicks

    side view

    at this point i was leanin so far up and she dident want to let the front tires down lol
  3. wicks

    half moonin

    it was a bautiful day
  4. wicks

    wheelie time

    i know the sky was nuts that day the clouds stayed like that all day when we were out rippinn
  5. wicks

    shavery air born

    haha ya for sure buddy
  6. ya its crazy how much hp u can push out of a v6 these days!! look up the bully dogg system for the eco boost its crazy!!
  7. Yupp its mine. No i dont wanna trade for a dodge lol! No it has the 3.7l 306 horse
  8. I dont think there is a better color out there
  9. wicks

    shaverys 400

    ya its a nice ride one of the comfeyest racing bikes i have ever been on
  10. cant go wrong with a ford lol
  11. wicks

    shaverys 06 kfx 400

    i folks i started a group called kawasaki boys come on in and join please
  12. wicks

    shaverys 06 kfx 400

    thank you shes a jewl

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