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  2. So I fixed the timing like it said too and still nothing. I found an article that has all the specs for my Lakota tho. Do you think that it might be the valves? I got the instructions for installing new valves, but I don't wanna go messing around on something I have never done before. Man this Lakota has been a headache since I got the thing. Ran good for a day then it just died on me. Feel like selling it and getting something else!!!!
  3. I am having so many proublems with my Lakota 300. Can't seem to get the timing right for some reason. Havn't been able to get it to start for some while. Does anyone know of a sit where I can download a free manual. All I can find is a manul for a KLF 300 and I don't know if I can use this manual for the Lakota. Any help would be great. Thank You!!!!!

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