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  1. No mud stuck in brakes. Once I use the over ride button it hauls butt in reverse. It almost sounds like to me like a slight popopopopop. Maybe its starving for fuel? I ordered a fuel pump thinking maybe this will fix it. (Not installed yet, waiting on shippment) I took it out yesterday for a short test run after I reset the computer and still has same issue. What I have noticed also is in 4wd high and the front locker switch on it does same thing but 4wd low has power.
  2. Altough I new to the forum I not new to riding. I have been riding for a few years at different parks around the Houston area and enjoy every minute I get to ride. Just recently I have encountered a problem with my quad. After riding the trails I had helped someone back to their vehicle by pulling them. Their front ball joint had snapped so I put my quad in reverse to pull him so I could watch and make sure nothing happened. Ever since then when I go in reverse under heavy acceleration my quad boggs down. I can use the over ride button with no problem when pushed. I have already replaced the belt and cleaned the clutch plates really well. I am at a lose. Any suggestions? 2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 4X4 Thanks

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