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  2. No, I don't have a shop manual, I need to get one. Any ideas where I can download one?
  3. hey guys, i am new to the forums but could use a little help. i am trying to change the seal where the drive shaft enters the front differetial on my 2012 polaris sportsman. i am under the impression that all i need to do is knock out the roll pin on the saft and the whole assembly will slide back so i can get to that seal. is this correct? i have taken off my wheel and given the pin a few whacks using a punch and it hasnt budged. i even tried using some WD40 with the same results. am i doing something wrong or is it just being stubborn? any suggestions to make my life a little easier. there isnt a lot of room down there to work with a hammer with my shock there. any help for a noobie would be greatly appreciated.

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