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  2. How do I know when to replace them? I know it should seem easy and obvious, but I'm really at a loss here. My chain, when held sideways in mid-air, bends at a curved 90 degree angle. It seems pretty loose , i.e. everything moves kinda side to side. I'm guessing thats bad, however my sprockets look better. The rear sprocket has no curved teeth, however it is showing signs of slight wear because on one side of the tooth it is slightly curved and the other side it is slightly flat. Also, the front sprocket has slightly hooked teeth, but they are still thick. If all this stuff is "slightly", can I just leave it? Also, the rear sprocket hub has a couple cm's of free play forwards and backwards on the axle. Is that bad too? The chain seems like its the worst of all, but people tell me to not just replace the chain, but also the sprockets. I have three machines and cant afford to do that. Advice? On my dirt bike, the chain is exactly the opposite of the one on my YFZ. It is sturdy, and nothing really moves; however it seems so "sturdy" that the chain gets kinked in some areas. Instead of replacing the chain, can I just give it a quick oil and be done with it?

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