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  2. I would first check compression or do a leak test if you can. Another thing to check is the coil. A coil will put out enough spark at low rpm to run at idle but not provide enough spark at higher rpm.
  3. Now i am Jealous Quadnut 20! You should see the hoops i had to jump through to start an ATV shop. Just getting a permit to put up a sign was ridiculous. If not for my wife and her job, pension and benefits i would be headed out of California tomorrow.
  4. I would not be to jellious if I were you. California SUCKS! High taxes, traffic everywhere, no one has any morals or integrity. I could go on and on. I was born here but I am looking forward to leaving. Yes the weather is good and I am near the beach but try to find a job.
  5. Dunes i can ride are at Pismo beach which is about a 4 hour drive. I make the drive about once a year but the coast is just over the hill from me.
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself without sounding like an add. I am the only true ATV shop in the Bay Area and will be happy to help any and all with what ever questions you have. I have been riding ATVs in California for a long time and founded Sierra Off Road Riders Association (SORRA) last year an all ATV racing series.

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