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  2. Got mount and winch. Installed no problem. Wiring it up took a while.But its done and works great. Thanks again for the info. Todd
  3. Thanks, Good video. Just ordered the mount. We will git-r done.
  4. Thanks for the info. That is what I have seen on the web. If you say it will fit, then I will give it a shot.
  5. My four trax has a snow blade with a winch mounted on the blade. The winch looks like a wiper motor. I would like to install a winch on the Quad, so it will handle the blade and also pull the quad up into the bed of my truck. I see mounts on line for my Quad, but I cant see how they would possibly fit. If anybody has a pic of a winch on this vintage quad, I would appreciate it. Thanks Todd

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