2002 Yamaha Wolverine 350 ATV No Spark

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I checked all the connection, switches and coil

all seem good.

I checked the ohms on the stator. the green /white and the red /white checked

at about 750. book says 459 to 561. does being to high mean its bad?

Can someone give me the specs?

Also how do I change it?

I know I have to pull the side cover. Do I have to drain the oil?

any help would be great.



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side cover comes off, 3 bolts holding stator/generator on, 2 bolts holding pick-up on, you don't have to drain the oil, a very little might come out. be careful removing the gasket if you can re-use it. i just used silicone gasket maker when i put the cover back on... get an aftermarket stator, yamaha will drain your bank account if you buy OEM.

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHrqIeK9adk]yamaha warrior stator replacement - YouTube[/ame]

i didn't find the specs on the stator, but this vid showed it all. hope it helps

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I wish there was someplace I could find the specs and what wires to check.

I'm not sure the info I have is correct.

The wire colors are different.

it is more than 20% over the highest # so I don't know if that

means its bad???



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