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2005 Suzuki Vinson odd issue. *need help*

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Ok have a very odd issue I can't seem to figure out. Been working on this quad for weeks now.
The issue is that when the quad sits fuel overflows into air box 
Will run fine from around 1/4 throttle up
0-1/4 throttle backfires and just doesn't want to run without putting hand over  
Air box tube as if it is starving for fuel 
When I have the tank and carb off I can hook the fuel line to the carb on Pri. 
and 0 fuel overflows out of the carb

I have the vacuum petcock bypassed, have thouroughly cleaned the carb entirely, all seems fine

I'm stumped on how fuel floods into the airbox when on the quad but off of the quad the float valve seals as it should and no fuel will flow over  

As mentioned runs fine from 1/4 throttle up. It will idle for a pretty decent while the eventually stumble and die then you have to hold the throttle open to get it to crank back as if flooded

Any help would be great. Thank you all

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Something is opening the fuel flow and my first guess would be that the float is having issues and getting stuck. However you said you checked it. Have you taken the carb apart and rebuilt it? Is the petcock always bypassed or you just did it to test?


* Moved topic to Suzuki forum.

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Yea I've checked the float in the carb several times was the only thing that made since to me also always shuts off as it should    

Mom thinking the gas tank has some debri in it occasionally getting in   So I have a fuel filter ordered and see if it catches much 


I found earlier that a vaccum hose was plugged off.  Cleaned it out 

seems to be running ok again for now 




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