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Possible Forest Closures !

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A good friend of ours e-mailed us this information.

Hello from Heber !!

I am writing to you all to ask that you go the link below, and sign the petition located there. This is a petition to fight the Forest Service's effort to close 80-90% of ALL forest service roads - NATIONWIDE. If they are successful in passing their "Travel Management Rule", they will close all but the MAIN roads in and out of the forest, and we will have no other access by ANY Motorized vehicle. You will not be able to Camp off these main roads - to retrieve a game animal off road or retrieve firewood. You will either have to carry out to the open roads by hand, or obtain a special use permit to go off road in a vehicle. You will also have to WALK into the forest to find game or firewood, as the roads we all presently use throughout the forest will be Closed !!! Ken and I truly believe that this will not only impact our use of the forests, but it will impact the economy in our community as well as others in similar areas throughout our state (and across the US) in a huge way!!! If people cannot come to our mountains and use the PUBLIC forest lands as we do now, not only will folks quit coming to camp/hunt/fish etc, but they will find new places to have their "summer cabins" - and go elsewhere to recreate and build - somewhere they have the Freedom to do what they are there for... and full enjoyment of OUR PUBLIC LANDS!

We will lose our Freedom in the Forests and Much More if we do not fight this proposed Rule. This will be voted on and monies appropriated to put into full swing before summer. If passed, by 2009 this will become a reality. What's worse, this is only the tip of the iceberg.... they have so many other measures they are trying to implement to keep us out. What they do plan to keep open, will all have a FEE tied to the use of camping, boating, game/fuelwood retrieval even day use areas. This is all in addition to the permits and licenses we are already required to pay for. If I am not mistaken, we already pay to enjoy the public lands merely by being tax paying citizens !

I have a lot more information on this if you want to call or email me with questions, but for now, please go to the link, sign the petition, and then forward it to ALL your family and friends to do the same.

Shelley & Ken Moore

Heber/Overgaard, AZ

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