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Headlight Issue 07 Wolverine 450 (YFM450FX)

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So , it's been quite some time since I've had any Atv's to play / tinker with , I found a decent deal on craigslist for a 2007, starts and rides great , but it also has a few minor things I didn't notice when i test drove it.

I Noticed that one headlight was very dim while the other was bright , I decided if i'm gonna spend any money , i might as well get something good. I ordered a set of the LED bulbs , i believe H6 ? Long story short put them both in and only 1 worked. I notice today when i have the switch in the OFF position the one i thought didn't work indeed does, switching to low turns this one off an the other side on, High leaves that same side on and i haven't noticed any difference in power output. My first guess was a wiring issue but it all looks to be untampered with , so to google i went hoping to find that it was a common issue and maybe someone has a fix. I haven't found much and ive noticed it hard to find anything at all about my particular model , but i did come across a few things that mention the YFM450 (Kodiak and or Grizzly ) have the same engine? or very similar , although the chassis parts are not the same , Which brings me to my next issue , Im assuming they had smacked into a bunch of things an the front bumper was removed , i'd love to get my hands on another only i cant find anything online. Does anyone make aftermarket parts for these? Last,i sought out something with 4x4 to leave myself open for the option to add a plow , I'd Love to see picture if someone has the same model and has mounted one , Just to give me an idea of what it in tails to install a new one. Any and all help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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