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I am planning on redoing the body on a hinda sportrax and I want to use a chameleon color shift pigment but I'm not sure if I should put it in the base coat or top coat. Any suggestions? 

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So you are going to spray the existing plastics? I've never done this but have seen a few videos on prepping the plastic, which is very important. 

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I'm going to sandblast it first then put on a adhesion promoter and primer. Then base coat and clear. Today I actually found an alternative method that seems much easier and cheaper so I'm thinking about giving it a try. It's called hydro dipping or water transfer printing. I'll still have to do all the prep but it will save the cost of the base coat which is pretty high. They sell thin sheets of material that you place in water then submerge the part you. When you pull it out the sheet adheres to the piece and you rinse it down, wait for it to dry and spray on a speciality clear coat (which only runs around 15$). They sell the hydro graphic film by the yard and it comes in every possible design. The prices run from 10 to 20$ a meter. It's pretty neat looking and seems like it will be easy to do. 


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Water dipped patterns give you a more radical look for your ride with multitude  of designs to chose from and,if  as you say it's cheaper albeit faster than painting the whole thing (three times , one for each layer) I'd go with the former.The only  hard thing is placing the patterns  the right  way because they are very delicate and prone to slip, tear or blur if you're not careful enough when getting the piece out of the bath. I'd recommend you to take a look on youtube videos on how to accomplish the task, there are plentiful of them so you don't loose your time and money .Best of lucks !!

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