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I know there are a few riders on here from Colorado. We should try to set up a date when we can all meet and go play in the dirt. Anyone interested?

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    • By toonces
      Man I clicked through all 500+ pages of this digital service manual I have for my 11 Grizz 700 and nowhere is this torque spec. So frustrated. Here's the bolt...

      It's what I'm calling the 'lower brake pad bolt' on the front wheel of the bike. Here's the schematic...it's #15 bottom center...

      Not a huge deal but if you happen to know where to find this spec without too much trouble I'd appreciate a hand with this one. A link to the graphic or info would be nice too.
    • By Naterenfo
      Im looking to join an atv club in minnesota, but have no ideas on where to start searching for one! so, if your a minnesotan, and you live near or around the cities, or brainerd area, let me know if you want to ride sometime, or if you have any information on a club! thanks a bunch!
    • By Stoopidbot1
      This just went into effect yesterday.
      Four counties in southwestern Colorado that passed a law requiring driver's licenses and liability insurance for ATV riders want the state to enact similar requirements.
      Officials in San Juan, Hinsdale, Ouray and San Miguel counties enacted the stricter law in 2006 to maintain safety on the Alpine Loop, a scenic, rugged trail through the San Juan Mountains that links Silverton, Telluride, Ouray and Lake City that has become a popular tourist attraction.
      State law does not require liability insurance and allows children as young as 10 to operate ATVs.
      A ranger last year issued 250 warnings and 15 citations, which carry a $150 fine. Officials say many visiting the area are caught off-guard by the local requirement and have threatened to visit other areas of the state.
    • Guest predchick
      By Guest predchick
      MARCH 22nd, 2008
      12:00 PM until it whenever
      (bike registration & set-up is from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm... ALL BIKES MUST BE THERE BEFORE NOON!)
      Fees -
      $5.00 per person at the door to get in (this pays for the heat & electricity to open the place)
      There will be all kinds of specials on beer.
      Here are the classes (if you can think of any others, please let me know…)
      $10 per bike per class (you can enter one bike in multiple classes)
      (The $10 fee is just the bike fee, the $5 door fee will be in addition to that)
      Best Drag Bike
      Best Sport Bike
      Best Toy (golf carts, rhino's, rails, etc)
      Best Kid Bike
      Best Paint Job
      Fastest bike (we will have a dyno machine to see who does the best on the dyno.)
      Additional non-class specific awards
      Best In Show
      Best Engineered
      King of Bling
      Please spread the word around the off-roading community!
      The address is
      2400 W Midway Blvd
      Broomfield, CO
      You can pre-sign up or sign up the day of the event, but please at least get me the entry form ahead of time so that I can get info cards made up and make sure I have enough trophies for everyone.
      Bring your ride down so people can check it out, it's only going to cost you a few bucks and it will make the event a success. Email me for the entry form or info.

    • By Shortcut
      I did it :sifonec:
      Yesterday i ordered a flight from Norway to Colorado to join the Buena Vista, Colorado
      atv historical color tour.:patriotc:
      I hope i will meet some of you folks from this forum.
      A HUGE thanks to my "coordinator" in Colorado, MommaDuck05
      Runar (from land of the vikings)
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