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Tracker ATV parts

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    • By BenderIsGreat
      So my old quadrunner gave up on me a couple years back.  Would run for 20 minutes, and then would die when you let off throttle and wouldn't start again till it was cold.  Should also be noted that at that point, I was having to crank up the idle adjustment screw to keep it running.  So at that time, I had given the carb a partial tear down, looked clean, tinkered around trying to narrow down what was wrong, and eventually got a compression testing tool and diagnosed bad compression, significantly under spec, but still over 100psi.  So I took it to a mechanic who said the cylinder was bad and to get another engine, wasn't interested in me trying to find another cylinder for him.  So I took it back and decided to take the engine apart myself after watching a bunch of youtube videos as reference.  I found the cylinder, piston and rings were all fine, but the valves where fouled and obviously causing my compression issue, so I cleaned and lapped them and I was up to 150psi.  Now the thing seemed to run a lot better, but still won't idle.  So I took the carb apart again, found the o-ring for the mixture valve was disintegrated, and one of the jets was stuck and couldn't be removed, so I just ordered a new carb from amazon.  Put it on, and now I was able to get it to idle like normal (without cranking the idle screw) but only for short times, and then I'd give it throttle and it would bog.  So I went at the electronics.  Couldn't get an ohm reading through the spark plug cap, so I replaced it, coil seemed ok but replaced it anyways because it was cheap, still can't get it to idle and run right.  So I'm thinking it's the CDI.  Now, I found a few search results for the correct CDI (as per suzuki parts house), but they were all expensive, like $200+.  But there was another one, slightly different part number (only the last two digits where incremented by 10) and it looks exactly the same, same connectors, which I determined was meant for the Kingquad 300 and it was only $43.  So I posted on another forum asking if anyone could confirm if they were compatible, and a guy said he has both a quadrunner 250 and a kingquad 300 and he interchanges their electronics for testing and they work fine.  So I ordered one, and am waiting for it now to see if it solves my problems and finally gets this old girl usable again.
      If anyone has any thoughts or insights, feel free to pass them along
    • By gatorschevy
      Just want to say HI to everyone, I came here to get some answers to my quad questions, but also here to help someone if I can.
      my name is Jerry
    • By MSUGeoman
      Looking for the following items:
      - Air filter box (including carb to box and box to frame tubes, filter holder, and cap)
      - Side plastics that cover fuel tank
      I've had no luck anywhere finding these two items, any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • By trx125flip
      yay forum stuff again... really needing a 87 trx125 service manual.. if anyone has one without a dead link that would be super! 

    • eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

    • By borgunit
      Hi. I am new here.
      I picked up a Honda TRX300FW last year. I traded a horse trailer for it.
      I enjoy it but one thing if I may ask, it seems to overheat and shuts down.
      What causes that?
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