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Let me See your SCUDS!!!!!!!!!!

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If you have photos of your ATV related Haulers (SCUDS) I want to see them....If you have Before and After Photos, I want to see them....If you have had Several Trailers that you Bought and sold to move up to what you have now,,,,I want to see them.....

NOTE:Im not Too sure on the picture posting Rules here as to Attaching Non QUAD/TRIKE related pictures...So if there are no Rides in the Shots, Link the Pictures until I can be Clear on the Rules....

Ok, Ok,,,,,Ill Start!!!!

My First SCUD!!!

1958 Heilite Single Wheel Trailer....Featured in the Book "Ready to Roll"...;)



Sold that....and Used the money to Build This...LMFAO!!!! My Wife needless to Say was beside herself....But,,,,Im Still Married!!!!!

This started life as a 70's something Cave Man 16' Cab Over....

Here it is on my old 99 Chevy the day I brought it home..


I then found an old 28' 5th wheel travel trailer and Tore it apart and Mounted the Cab over on it...:D



Sweet Huh!!!!

When I finished it looked like this....


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I had to add the BLING!!!! That put her over the Edge!!!!LOL!!!!


If you can see up on the Deck I added 60 Gal. of Fresh Water Storage and Gravity Fed it to the Filler on the outside of the Camper....Also had a Generator and Air Compressor on board in the Maltese Cross area...Just above the Cross is a 50 Gal Fuel Station...



At the End of it all....My Wife Dubbed it....:D


In all I was Able to get my wifes Quad on the Top Deck and two Trikes on the Back............

Took 3 months and about 2k to build........

Sold that for a Profit and Bought this...

1999 32' Wanderer Toyhauler...

Notice that the Black Chevy is no longer there....Just wasnt Cutting it....When you get passed by a VW Bus Full of Hippies on a Grade it just Pisses you off...:mad: So along came the 05 Powerstroke!!!


Came home looking like this inside...


Changed it...Now it looks like this...BLING BLING!!!!


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