Yahoo TT Race 12-16-06

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Hey guys Destin raced tonight up in Kelleyville Ok just outside of Tulsa. There were a ton of mini's racin up there and the competition was tough. I signed him up in the oval race and all was good till we went out and looked at the track and they had a TT track set up. LOL once he saw the jumps on it he immediately said I wanna race that instead dad. So I went and changed and put him in the beginner 80 TT class. There were 2 different classes with 4 quads in each class in the heats and Destins class was the second to race. He got second in his heat race. In the main there was 8 quads and he got 3rd in the main recieveing a 3rd place trophy. Not bad I don't think being his first time on a TT track. I am very proud of him and it is time to start lookin for a trophy case...lol Anyways I got somemore pics and a video of the main for you guys to check out...Chris

MySpaceTV Videos: yahoo race by chris





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    • By Stoopidbot1
      I took 1st in the final race of the season...
      Here are a few videos

      And some pics
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    • By ravencr
      Hey guys,
      Well, this race ended rather quickly for us with a flat tire around mile 4.5, along with one of our friends Justin breaking his tie rod and getting a flat tire, as well. I started 5th in 30 second intervals, and unfortunately 2 of the cars took the wrong turn, so I was in 3rd place and about to pass #1 and #2 when it blew. Here's the video:
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cEofBuZUzQ]YouTube - Whiplash Vulture Mine...UTV Marketplace RZR #20![/ame] Click "Watch in High Quality" in the bottom right of the video.
      Stay tuned, because I'm going to post some pics later...
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