Yahoo TT Race 12-16-06

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Hey guys Destin raced tonight up in Kelleyville Ok just outside of Tulsa. There were a ton of mini's racin up there and the competition was tough. I signed him up in the oval race and all was good till we went out and looked at the track and they had a TT track set up. LOL once he saw the jumps on it he immediately said I wanna race that instead dad. So I went and changed and put him in the beginner 80 TT class. There were 2 different classes with 4 quads in each class in the heats and Destins class was the second to race. He got second in his heat race. In the main there was 8 quads and he got 3rd in the main recieveing a 3rd place trophy. Not bad I don't think being his first time on a TT track. I am very proud of him and it is time to start lookin for a trophy case...lol Anyways I got somemore pics and a video of the main for you guys to check out...Chris

MySpaceTV Videos: yahoo race by chris





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    • By Stoopidbot1
      I took 1st in the final race of the season...
      Here are a few videos

      And some pics
      CORE 10-30-10 pictures by stoopidbot - Photobucket
    • By ravencr
      Hey guys,
      Well, this race ended rather quickly for us with a flat tire around mile 4.5, along with one of our friends Justin breaking his tie rod and getting a flat tire, as well. I started 5th in 30 second intervals, and unfortunately 2 of the cars took the wrong turn, so I was in 3rd place and about to pass #1 and #2 when it blew. Here's the video:
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cEofBuZUzQ]YouTube - Whiplash Vulture Mine...UTV Marketplace RZR #20![/ame] Click "Watch in High Quality" in the bottom right of the video.
      Stay tuned, because I'm going to post some pics later...
    • By motogirl4402
      Recently I heard through the grape vine that in Wildwood NJ they have quad races on the beach? I was just wondering if someone might know when and where the race takes place. Thanks!
    • By powermaddd400ex
      was today in villanow. i was sooooooooooo lost haha, i had no idea where to line up. but i asked around and got some info on the race and made some friends.
      so when it was my classes turn to be released i got the holeshot and on baldys .
      but after that the rest of the race was horrible. first i got stuck behind some guy on a z400 that got turned sideways on a hill. so i went around him then i got stuck on a stump. a couple guys got me off the stump and im back at it again
      then i got stuck behind another 400ex, on this section of the track the was nothing but loose dirt. so we move him outta dirtpit, then it was my turn. I finally got out.
      then i got stuck on a HUGE HILL once again that was nothing but 2-3 feet deep of loose dirt.
      but it was nobodys fault but my own. i was runnin baldy so there was no way i could make it up the hill without help.
      so some1 helps me out again.
      then i get stuck on one more hill. i was doin great comin up it but then i tried to steer away from a rock(wouldve meesed up my already screwed up skidplate) which put me in a huge pile of dirt. i pulled the quad as far off the track as possible and waited 30 mins or so. oh yea ADAMILES you passed me on that hill, yep that was me haha. finally the help showed up and got me to the top of the hill. i asked the guy the quickest way to the parkinglot. my words were "man im droppin out of this hell hole" so he directed me to the parkinglot and that was it i was DONE.
      so i raced a total of 2 hours and didnt even complete my first lap. but i still got the holeshot none the less
      so before my next race my next investment will be some razrs.
      ok im done, jus wanted to inform yall of my hectic day
    • By wheeler0801
      so i've been really busy w/work so i haven't been on too much in the last week....but now i've finally got the chance!!!
      .....i blew my baby up last weekend at a race:frown:
      it started well....i got 2nd in the holeshot, and i passed the girl who was in first when she got stuck in a bottleneck of riders in a tree....
      then the rain started and it was super muddy....thennnnnnnn, as i pulled in my clutch to slide through a sloppy muddy corner...bam. she stalled. talk about being super upset, it was the first time i was ever going to lead a lap in this stinkin' series....quite an accomplishment for me, as this is my first year racing and they've been racing 4-5 years.....
      anywho....we got the motor out and took her to our local shop and found out....the piston shattered:frown:
      so...she's still at the shop, getting all kinds of new parts...and nearly $1100 later, I'll have a newly rebuilt motor for this weekends race....