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  1. Yes I had an 85 200x, 85 tri z, and an 85 r....rode the crapola out of all them. Parted the r and got a quad...it was fun times on them.
  2. BS about the garage being full i think you could get at least 2 more in there...lmao
  3. Cool vid!!!!! Looks like he is having a blast:D , my son Destin said the place looks like funa nd wishes there was a indoor motox track here to try out. He has a flat track race tonight and I will try to get some more pics and vids
  4. I do know a 250r bumper won't fit a 400ex 250ex or 300ex
  5. Awesome, glad everything went good for ya except for the cameras. Is he hooked?? I know thats a dumb question as it easy to get hooked once ya do it. And bein slow is in the first race is normal just wait until he is doin stuff that puts a big ole smile on your face and makes your butt pucker up...lmao
  6. So is it a tie or what?
  7. I clicked yes, but I have went there many and no one is ever there or they have been but it was like 3 in the afternoon...Lets set a specific time at least once a week for folks to meet in the chat room....Chris
  8. Here's an indoor video of my son at a tt track. Mywife something that might help if he does start racing is find a flat track series to race so he can become comfortable with racing with other kids and also it is a good tool to learn the flags and starting procedures. MySpaceTV Videos: yahoo race by chris
  9. Yeah the cobra is a badass bike, and if you were on a nationl level to where the sponsorship was there to help pay for it would be even better. I have read on those bikes though they are having trouble with them and there have been quite a few DNF's with them in the gncc races. For you gettin into the racing scene I would opt toward a Kasea or Eton. I don't know the rules out there or if you have set a cc size that you don't want to go over with your son for racing but the 50cc bikes with can be converted once he is comfortable with the racing to 70cc and both bikes can be modded to the moon if you want to. I really wish now in hindsight that I would have picked up a Kasea or Eton 90 for my son instead of the LT80 for the parts issue and also the big shops have kind of put the lt80 on the back burner for modding and such. I am kind of in the same boat as you on the bike deal as my son can ride the crap out of the lt80 actually he can over ride the 80 and is really ready for a Blaster, but here he cannot race the Blaster as he is to young. He loves the racing part so I guess the 80 will stay for a while longer and engine work performed. Sorry for rambling...lol and hope this helps, Chris
  10. Here's avideo of my son playin on the ice...enjoy destin playin
  11. If walmart is open 24 hrs.......why are there locks on the doors?
  12. I am a member of exriders.com it has a bunch of info but as most huge sites, it has the flamin crowd just waitin to post somethin stupid to take up bandwidth. I am a regular at 3wheelerworld.com mainly in the quad section and 3wheeler.org as that is the first atv/atc site I found when I started this venture and the site and people are cool. I like to go to atvconnection.com also because there is a group section and a big oklahoma club has originated there. I don't post there and when I have my questions rarely get answered so I post more at exriders and the post are usually questions regarding my sons lt80. I think this site is great, it is big and kinda hard to find stuff( i just figured out how to get to the chat room...lol) but I'm sure in time everything will get better and more people will show up/post/etc.....Chris
  13. wow a 3 way tie with 3 votes, GIT-R-DONE...lol

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