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Guest Fox300exchic

Power Wheels

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Guest Fox300exchic

I got my son a powerwheels quad. We bought it off a member of this site (wonka). Thanks!! It's soo cute. I'll take some pics soon and post them so everyone can see. He just turned 1 today!

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Guest Fox300exchic

We will let him ride whatever he wants to ride when the time comes. Even if it is only on 3 wheels. ;) For now though he's going to stick to 4 wheels until we know he can respect the sport and be safe. :D

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Im Glad to hear you have an open mind when it comes to ATVing....Most people dont....Especially when it comes to their kids..My wife and I are the same with ours...They ride BOTH:D

Anyway,,,,Too bad I got rid of this Bad Boy..It was MINT...After my youngest was done with it I sent it to a Friend of mine in TN that Collects Trike Memorabilia:cool:





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