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    • By hangingon
      I never thought adding a quad to my garage would be so much work. My wife and I have spent 2 days & going on 3 cleaning out our garage so we can get both quads & our truck in the garage and have room to open the doors to get out of the truck. 2 days 2 loads to the dump and a load for day 3 is loaded.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Hola guys and gals.....
      Its definitely been a while since I've been on QC; won't bore you with the details, but I started riding and photographing again. YIPPEE!!!
      Some of you have seen me over on Facebook....and you probably wish you didn't! LOL!!!
      So, here is some stuff I've done this year:

      April 30 2011 Clinton Corners NY Spring Festival and Mud Bog
      Hope you enjoy and I hope I'm on more often!
      <---- *pokes* Buckbilly.......
      -Tom D
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