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easter wasnt so bad...

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    • By Randomizer
      My battery on my Kingquad was low, but not dead, so I hooked it up to my 2A charger. The problem is that I left the key turned on. After a couple of hours, I came back to check on it. I disconnected the charger, and tried to start the quad. Nothing happened. The display did not come on, nor did any indicator lights. After a few seconds, the display came on, but it had a "chec" message displayed near the odometer spot. And something was clicking under the seat. It is what ever the electrical component is right next to the fuse box. When I depressed the brake, to start, the display went black again.
      I check all the fuse, and they looked good. Also, the battery is fully charged. I think maybe I burned up the voltage regulator. Is there a way to display a diagnostic code? Any other ideas?
    • By jigolbeep
      Well hunting season is getting close.. I figured i would start a thread to see who all is into hunting and for you to show off and discuss your guns, bows, trophy havest ect...
      Here in south east Kansas I hunt deer, turkey, dove, quail, and travel north for pheasant.
      I also do a little predator population control (coyote)
      Here is a look into my safe...

      My collection

      (Encore pro hunter .223 barrel with red dot) (Gen 4Glock 22 .40cal with trigger kit) (Ruger Mark II Comp. target model stainless .22cal)

      (Browning gold 20ga) (Remington 1187 20ga turkey choke and true glow sights) (Browning Citori Lightning Field 12ga)

      (Savage 22-250cal model 12 Low Profile Varmint, treaded barrel with screw on muzzle break, Nikon 6x18 scope) (Bushmaster lower with Rock River 20" varmint upper with cheap Simons scope for now)

      (30-06 barrel and rifle stock for my Encore reciever with 3x9 Nikon scope) (Bushmaster M4 shorty upper for my AR) (Ruger 77/22 .22cal, trigger work, Bushnell 4x12 scope) (Marlin model 60 .22cal)

      P08 DWM Luger dated 1912 all matching numbers, has both original mags and leather pouch. My grandpa brough it back from Germany after WWII... This gun will never get sold...

      PSE Stinger 70lb, 3 pin sight, drop away rest, Gold tip 5575 with rage 2 blade brodheads

      My big doe from last season

    • By Sparrows
      Who are you excited to see play?
      Whats your favorite team/s?
      I'm going for colts of course.
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    • By bradleyheathhays
      Life got the best of me this year and to make a long story short my '11 Grizz 700 has a half tank of gas (w/ no stabilizer) and hasn't been started for around 9 or 10 months. I have apologized to it and promised this will never happen again, but in the meantime I'm faced with what to do to remedy the problem. Ideally I suppose I should get the tank off and drain the gas, replacing with non-EtOH gas (which thankfully I just found in my area).
      Any advice on how to get this done (draining the tank) or how difficult it might be?
    • By huntr357
      Hello all, not sure if I'm asking this question in the area but here it goes.
      My issue started the other day when I was using my Honda TRX420TM7 to run my brush sprayer. I realized I low on fuel, so I grabbed a fuel jug and added enough to take it to approx 1/2 tank or so. After running it for a little while it started acting up and smoking. I figured out that the fuel I used had gone bad so I went to drain the tank. I have what appears to be 3 hoses going into a canister. I pulled one of them and the tank drained completely. I added brand new fuel back to the tank and cleaned spark plug. It will start and run for a few seconds then shut down. My question is, where can get a complete diagram of the fuel system or can one of you tell me how to clear the whole system so I may use atv again. Thank you in advance.
    • By bighoss
      ok i have taken the clutch cover off and got the water pump out the metal seal that is in the case were the impeller shafts goes how do you get that out i guess its part of the mecanical seal that is pressed in the case how do you get that out
    • By MadMan
      I own a 1998 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x2. I recently purchased a Submarine Snorkel brand snorkel kit for it which didn't fit properly, so I decided to build one homemade. I ran 1.5" PVC from the stock air box up to the front of the quad. It passes thru the front right fender and pipes into a 2" PVC mounted to a crash plate on the front rack. I connected the crank case breather line into the 1.5" PVC as well. I made a 2nd Snorkel on left side of quad which is a faux snorkel since it's purpose is to conceal the breather lines I have extended from the rr drum brake, rr dif., and carb. I took care to loop the breather lines a couple of times to prevent water from getting in, in the event I ever sink the quad. I also siliconed the air-box lid and used Dielectric grease on all electrical connections. I don't go swimming with my Big Bear but I do ride thru fairly deep water occasionally and I just wanted the snorkel installed as a precautionary measure for those unexpected dips u take when traveling across what u thought was a shallow puddle on the trail. LOL. Any way, since installing this snorkel my quad has an odd throttle response. When riding at normal speeds it's unnoticeable, but when hammering the throttle or fluttering the throttle the response seems to lag. I also notice if I'm in a gear too high for the slower speed I'm going the quad sounds like it's about to stall. I know normally u downshift the slower u drive, but it used to drive in a higher gear at low speeds and not bog down like it does now. I'm told I should re-Jet my carb. I'm pondering installing Dial a Jet. Any suggestions from you experienced riders? Removing the carb is a PITA and reinstalling it is equally fun. I've already rebuilt the carb prior to snork install. I like the concept of a dial a jet being able to adjust on the fly, but wasn't sure if it's the way to go. Please help. Any advice is greatly appreciated guys!

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