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Guns, Archery, Hunting, Ect...

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Well hunting season is getting close.. I figured i would start a thread to see who all is into hunting and for you to show off and discuss your guns, bows, trophy havest ect...

Here in south east Kansas I hunt deer, turkey, dove, quail, and travel north for pheasant.

I also do a little predator population control (coyote)

Here is a look into my safe...


My collection


(Encore pro hunter .223 barrel with red dot) (Gen 4Glock 22 .40cal with trigger kit) (Ruger Mark II Comp. target model stainless .22cal)


(Browning gold 20ga) (Remington 1187 20ga turkey choke and true glow sights) (Browning Citori Lightning Field 12ga)


(Savage 22-250cal model 12 Low Profile Varmint, treaded barrel with screw on muzzle break, Nikon 6x18 scope) (Bushmaster lower with Rock River 20" varmint upper with cheap Simons scope for now)


(30-06 barrel and rifle stock for my Encore reciever with 3x9 Nikon scope) (Bushmaster M4 shorty upper for my AR) (Ruger 77/22 .22cal, trigger work, Bushnell 4x12 scope) (Marlin model 60 .22cal)


P08 DWM Luger dated 1912 all matching numbers, has both original mags and leather pouch. My grandpa brough it back from Germany after WWII... This gun will never get sold...


PSE Stinger 70lb, 3 pin sight, drop away rest, Gold tip 5575 with rage 2 blade brodheads


My big doe from last season


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Nice Collection. I was into archery big time when I was growig up now my bow just collects dust. Maybe I should take it out and get some target practice in.

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Ya I shoot my bow a lot more than I shoot my guns. Ammo is always going up. All summer and fall leading up to deer season I usually shoot my bow about every night after work.

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I used to hunt, but now, my Raptor takes most/all of my money. I hunted geese, and deer, and squirrels. In our gunsafe, there is a Ruger 10/22 with a 50 round clip, Browning Citori, Browning Gold, Remington 30-06, TC Omega, a couple hi-power pellet guns, Winchester .22, Winchester 12ga. and a Remington 20ga.

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thanks... a guy i ride with has a .454 Casull and a .500 smith barrels for an encore... His casull knocked the glass out of a Leupold scope with some hand loads we loaded... They are a blast to shoot...

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Nice collection Of firearms !! I got a 12 ga for around the house and travel with a 9mm for idiots I run into !!! If my Rotti don`t stop you and you get past the wife (she`s packin to ) I`ll finish the job !!!:laugh:

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i am a hunting freak. if it has a purchaseable tag i hunt it. I have a 300 parker hale mag that kicks like a mule. cracked the stock first shot. a ruger 270. a spanish side by side double barrel shot gun and a single shot. both 20 guage. a 303 british. 38-55. 1 22 long rifle and a 22 mag. i also have a 1934 38 police special that was a police issued hand gun to the british canadian mounted police. I run bushnell elite scopes on all of my guns.

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