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  1. pete59edsel


  2. Id rather walk than order a off brand Chinese brand, had a buddy who had a Hensim and that was junk. Know a few others that hate Chinese brands, but hey, to each his own and I wish people best of luck in any purchase. If thats what you want to get then I ofcourse support your choices!!
  3. Keep up the good work Jeep. I won last year before I was a mod so I know anyone can win. I appreciate the comments you left me, thanks again Jeep!!
  4. pete59edsel

    2004 Can Am

    Haaa thanks Jeep!!!
  5. pete59edsel

    Can Am

    They have some good speed!
  6. Shootin from the hip I'd lean towards the coil....thing that tells me that is the "when it gets warm" part. Keep us posted and good luck!!
  7. I have the aluminum folding ramps, forgot where I got them, but they take a pounding and hold up well.
  8. Happent to the best of us...thanks for sharing!!
  9. Thought something happened to Ox.....glad to see he is ok.

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