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  2. I did, I had 90 psi when cold and only 85 psi when warmed up.
  3. Think thats it. I have 90psi comming out of the cylinder when its cold and 85 when its warmed up. So guess next step is a top end. Hope I can just do rings.
  4. Was curious if anyone knows stock compression on a 2005 Yamaha Raptor 350?
  5. Would low compression explain my not starting when warmed up?
  6. Tried everything you all suggested and no leads : ( Even when warm I have spark, but it lead me to wonder. There is spark but how do I know if its enough of a spark. How can I confirm there is enough spark to create ignition?
  7. If the starter relay was failing would it even crank over?
  8. Yes it always turns over. And everytime ive checked 5-6 times there is always good spark.
  9. My 2005 raptor 350 will not start consistantly, and even harder to start when its warm. When it does start it purrs like a kitten. When it does start it starts right away, very seldomly do you have to crank it over for a few seconds to get it to start. Ive confirmed spark,new spark plug, had my carb gone through and float adjusted and had the valves adjusted with still no consistancy. Only other guess is CDI,Starter relay..... Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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