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  2. I bought some stock wheels and tire that came off a Honda Foreman i believe. My problem is the rear rubbs my exhaust. Should I just put in a spacer and move the whole thing out an inch or two? Or should I buy 2 new wheels that have the correct backing? I have a 96 Fourtrax 300. the wheels that were on it are 9X9.0AT the new ones are 11X7.5AT.
  3. If it's anything like my 300 fourtrax, the vacuum piston maybe worn or the seal is bad, I rebuilt mine also and had a needle seat missing and the way you discribed your issue may be the same thing. On my carb the idle screw was 2 1/2 turns out for factory setup. Hope this helps.
  4. No sure, so will trailering my red Honda Fourtrax this way hurt it?

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