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What's a good size ATV to start a 10 year old on?

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to What's a good size ATV to start a 10 year old on?

A big part of deciding how big a quad  to start a 10  year old on depends  on the father and the lessons  he teaches the kid .. Are you a risk taker that  drives  on the insane edge, or a cautious driver ? It makes a huge difference seeing the lessons you teach in your own  driving habits.  Smaller, lighter quads are easier for a preteen to  handle,  but on easy drives  on trails  they  can  handle  larger ones. I would look at  90cc ones for a good balance between reasonable power  and  lighter weight  and they'll  be  sufficient for adults too in most riding  scenarios.

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i started on a 01 polaris sportsman 500cc at 13.  id go with a older honda recon 250 (or comparable size in another brand atv) for a 10 year old to start off with if hes driving it unattended.  i later bought another sportsman 500 and let one of my friends little brother drive it he was 9 its all about having respect for the machine you know your son and what he can handle.

personally i would not let a pre 14 year old drive a cvt 500cc and bigger atv by himself however ive let much younger folks drive my atvs with me sitting right behind in case anything goes wrong.

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There are also the youth side x sides. 
they are just big enough for an adult to get in the passenger seat and instruct while they are learning. Most have a means of governing the vehicle speed. They also have seat belts. Many kids are racing them by the age of 6 or 7. Polaris Ranger 170 is one model. 

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