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  1. I havnt even used mine yet it is just sitting new in the garage. Keep us posted.
  2. I had the Polaris Outlaw 50 which is one of the smallest quads available. The CVT transmission allowed for very smooth starts. The front tires are set up with a lot of camber to prevent the quad from rolling over. The thumb throttle had a limiter bolt that you could turn in or out to limit the travel of the thumb throttle. While this limited the amount of power the engine produced it was still possible for the quad to achieve fairly quick speeds on a straight downhill run. It is a balancing act of allowing enough throttle travel for the torque to accelerate on an incline but not have to high o
  3. It is important to look at this info very closely as my Ranger 150 actually has a different bolt pattern on the back wheels from the front wheels. Next take the time to figure out offset. I have seen many run spacers when the rims are available with the proper offset.
  4. Many led bulbs will work however the stock bulbs are usually wired direct from the stator which provides alternating current and is very noticeable with led bulbs. When switching to led bulbs it is recommended to wire the headlights to direct power from the battery, this is best done with a relay off the ignition so the lights will not drain the battery.
  5. Many of the lithium batteries have a built in bms that will not allow the battery to be over charged or over discharged. The well thought out ones have a button to press that will have enough reserve to start the ATV. A 20 amp hour battery lithium actually has twice the power of a 20 amp hour lead acid battery. The lead acid does not allow you to access the full amount of the battery. So for an equivalent battery you can actually purchase half the size which equates to further weight savings. For me though I prefer the extra capacity.
  6. My vote goes to the Genius charger brand. Prior to these I preferred the CTEK chargers however they are more expensive. The genius chargers have the ability to run a desulfurization cycle and they can force feed the battery to attempt to get a charge into a overly depleted battery. If you want full adjustability the the best I know of is a Junsi X8 however this requires buying a separate power supply and is more effort then most will likely want to put forward, once acquired however you can charge at any rate you prefer and set cut off voltages as well as monitoring and tracking charge cycles
  7. I started off on a 70cc Honda 3 Wheeler. Of course this was after the power wheels. From there it was onto a Honda 50cc dirt bike with the semi automatic 3 speed no clutch. Great memories!
  8. There are some great examples explaining a CDI on YouTube as well as the stator, rectifier, and regulator. It makes for a clear understanding to follow the entire system. There are also 2 different types of cdi’s differentiated by the source of the power supply either the stator or the battery. The signal for the CDI to send the power to the spark plug can be on the crank flywheel in which case it is known as a waisted spark ignition since this type ignites the spark plug on each revolution (both compression & exhaust cycles) and on the camshaft which only ignites the spark plug on the com
  9. There are also the youth side x sides. they are just big enough for an adult to get in the passenger seat and instruct while they are learning. Most have a means of governing the vehicle speed. They also have seat belts. Many kids are racing them by the age of 6 or 7. Polaris Ranger 170 is one model.
  10. These projects are always the most fun and rewarding!
  11. Thanks I have owned a few power sports. I had a Yamaha Banshee and a Ski Doo MXZ800. Growing up I was around a Honda Oddyssy FL250, 250 trike, and 200 trike, Honda 70 trike, and a Honda Z50R. I took a long hiatus but it sure feels good to be back with the Ranger 150.
  12. For me the best upgrade was changing out the battery for an while one and turning up the idle. No starting issues after that!
  13. Purchased a Ranger 150 for the kid and searching info online came across this site. Looking to update the fleet next year with a Turbo SXS. This is an upgrade from the Polaris Outlaw 50.

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