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  1. Still not sure if they will charge properly like a regular lead acid battery.
  2. I don't have a manual and want to do an oil change. What is the recommended oil. Are these wet clutch? Can I use synthetic? Kinda at a loss for what to buy. Obviously oil changes aren't that expensive so not afraid to buy a good quality oil.
  3. Been out of the atv scene for a few years. Just bought a atv. Question I have. Is their anyone who makes a lithium battery for atv's. I only ask because they have them for boats now. Buddy of mine has 2 Dakota's he runs on his. I'd only imagine you can get a really strong battery at half the weight. Any input?
  4. Sorry saw one was already posted in the files page.
  5. The deal wasn't as good as I wanted. But I wanted the quad so I bought it. It's the cleanest I've seen so no regrets.
  6. Just bought a 2012 yamaha big bear. Been without one for way to long. Lift kits? Obviously high lifter is a go to. Any recommendations?
  7. Back in the saddle. Any of y'all have.any suggestions on stuff to keep an eye on that might be problematic with these.
  8. View File 1987-1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 Service Manual 1987-1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 Service Manual YFM350FW YFM350FWT Submitter Samwise Submitted 12/04/2020 Category Yamaha ATV  
  9. 10 downloads

    1987-1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 Service Manual YFM350FW YFM350FWT
  10. Living in dirty jersey. Finding riding places is tough. Lived in the pines for some years. Had 3 atvs. Timberwolf, big bear and a 300ex. All great quads. Sold them and am living in hunterdon county now. Going to pick another big bear tomorrow and am completely stoked. Oh yeah thanks for the add.

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