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Been out of the atv scene for a few years. Just bought a atv. Question I have. Is their anyone who makes a lithium battery for atv's. I only ask because they have them for boats now. Buddy of mine has 2 Dakota's he runs on his. I'd only imagine you can get a really strong battery at half the weight. Any input?

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I usually buy batteries at a batteries plus or other battery specific warehouse and they have a few Li ion battery options for ATV.  Like @Samwise mentioned above though, I'm not sure any ATV, let alone the 20 year old ones I prefer, have the technology to properly charge and maintain a Li ion battery.  I usually stick with the basic lead acid as that is what mine were designed for.  Bit heavy, but the reg/rect and stator are designed for that.

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If the manufacturers are selling them with a warranty for the  older machines , I  would  be pretty sure the  ATV charging system is fine for the lithium  batteries..  My  own machine  is 30  years old  , and no  I  have not  put a lithium  battery in it. The weight difference is negligible over an  AGM battery.  The biggest advantage  lithium batteries have over the Flooded batteries and the AGM ones is they  can be left idle  without  needing to  be on a maintainer  for several  months. Do that with a  lead/acid battery  and  it's toast.  However  on newer machines that draw  a trickle of current  for  the  CPU  in their electronics the    lithium  batteries need to  be disconnected just as the lead/acid ones do  to  prevent over discharge. If they  get them providing  higher capacity in the same size cases as the AGMs and bring the prices down  closer to  the AGMs, I would get one  just for the fact they don't need to  sit on a maintainer when  the ATV won't be run for an extended  period. .Until then  I'll stick to  the AGMs myself.

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Many of the lithium batteries have a built in bms that will not allow the battery to be over charged or over discharged. The well thought out ones have a button to press that will have enough reserve to start the ATV. A 20 amp hour battery lithium actually has twice the power of a 20 amp hour lead acid battery. The lead acid does not allow you to access the full amount of the battery. So for an equivalent battery you can actually purchase half the size which equates to further weight savings. For me though I prefer the extra capacity. 

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