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  2. If you are running to lean and putting around on the trails your quad is poss getting the fuel to hot in the carb. My buddies does that. He richened up the air fuel mixture and was fixed.
  3. I agree with Oxidized Black. The only way the secondary clutch will turn on a polaris is if the belt it grabbing. If you put a new belt on and it still does it then the primary clutch friction surfaces are possibly worn to much causing the belt to run to low in the assembly thus causing it to grab. The othe poss is that the clutch could use a re-alignment. Did you replace the clutch yourself recently? Your friendly neighbourhood mechanic.
  4. It probably wouldn't hurt to pull the carb and completely clean it out as when it comes to atv's they tend to get dirt in the fuel delivery system.
  5. If you put a new handlebar master cylinder and handle on and you have fluid coming out the bleeder with no bubbles then you have a bad brake caliper. If it is the front one relace it in pairs. It has been my experience that when one siezes then the other ones aren't far be hind. A trick you can try is to remove the caliper and use a c clamp to try and squeeze the piston into the caliper a bit. it is most likely stuck to the rubber oring. If this works then replace the caliper as when it frees up it usually starts to leak. Hope this helps Your friendly neighbourhood mechanic.
  6. it is a little bit of common sense and easy knowledge if you are a mechanic. if you have 2 filters in line it restricts the flow twice as much. that is how a filter works is through partial restiction with the filter element. so what kind of shop do you have? I hope it is not backyard! By the way I am a journyman automotive and motorcylce mechanic and am just finishing up for my marine mechanics. They teach you not to double filter unless you up your fuel pressure!
  7. all you are feeling is the gear backlash which is more noticable when the tires are on than off.
  8. i used to own a 2000 quad master 500. did u put an aftermarket carb on or a direct oem replacement. i had the same problems and what it ended up being was the aftermarket carbs fuel system was not factory configured properly. so i put on the oem carb and set the fuel properly. i would have to say that if you put on the oem carb then you do not have the carb set properly. The quadmaster 500 is the most sensitive carb i have ever played with. And as for the inline filter? do not put one on. it does adversely affect the operation of the quadmaster as i tried that too. the only other thing would be that you have an intake air leak.
  9. your tire is 22 inches tall wil a 12 inch rim so your 11 inch factory ex rims wont fit.
  10. yup. my family went through 4 sets of mudlites in one year between to quads. i am on year # 3 with my bearclaws and still have rigid rubber left and are not showing any signs of weather damage and have never been punctured. I forgot to mention that i ride in some of the nastiest crap around! when we ride there is usually something broken and a quad getting towed out. the last 2 times were mine! That was shitty.
  11. mud lite tires in my experience do not like anything really sharp as in jagged rock n such. we have tried several tires and found that the best bang for your buck is bear claws as a bias tire is a lot more durable than the most all terrain tires. as for running them on all four corners you will be happy you did as it gives you better grip on the side hills and in slippery or muddy conditions.
  12. nope my computer automatically puts me to the last post. i appologize .
  13. 2000 polaris 500 H/O 4x4. before that was dirt bikes and trikes.
  14. ypu sounds like a bearing failure in the rear diff to me too.
  15. That is absolutely correct. once in a while accidentally will not do any immediate damage but it will over time.

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