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  1. jerod400ex


  2. Does the knock sound like it's in the top end or bottom end??
  3. Timing chain and tensioner all good? Did you double check when u put the rings in that u put them in the right way? Correct spacing from each other and all of that?
  4. Hey everybody I have honed my cylinder on my 400ex already and was curious if anybody thinks I should put a new set of crosshatches in as well?
  5. Okay i will look into the rotella Thanks guys
  6. ohh yeah i figured out the pricey part of it myself lol
  7. Hey im Gonna Start running synthetic oil and do you guys have any suggestions on some good brands? IVe heard that royal purple is good but want some opinions?
  8. lol im glad i dont have that many problems with trees
  9. hehehe look ma road kill!!!!
  10. lmfao nice one wylde1 :biglaugh:
  11. I kinda like the style of the can am ds450 and just curious if anyone has some useful information tht might be useful? and how they compare to the other 450's
  12. speakin of spare keys im not sure where mine is even at haha

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