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  2. yea, all joking aside. i bleed the brakes with 2 types of bleeders, and a pressure bleader. nothing but fluid. still no pressure. I'll remove the lines and use compressed air on the hoses. thanks, dale
  3. hello. I just baught a 2000, 500 4x4 cat. no brakes. so I put on a new handle bar master cylinder/handle. I did the old fashioned pump and hold, pump and hold with the wife. we pumped for an hour or so, lost a lot of fluid, but still no cigar. after a while, she got so tired she could not pump any more. so we just quit before the brakes got hard. still no brakes any help, or procedures appreciated:yes:
  4. Update. I adjusted the valves one more time. this time i really took my time. I made a differance with the backfiring. I removed some wiring going to the battery that did not appar to be factory. seems that it had some type of power commander. I removed it and that really helped. doesnt idle well, will backfire and shut off. It will restart and runs strong. I changed the upper master cylinder/brake handle. still no brakes:( could not get a mechanical bleed to work:( I painted it and had the seat recoverd. looks good:) thanks again. dale
  5. update. Well, I dont believe it, but after a carb requild, several times, valve adj, timing chain and timing gear alignment, and new drive shaft boots I took it for a ride and it ran like a bat out a hell. until i put in low gear. then it runs like crap. it it obvious, put it high, runs great, put it low and it backfires and runs like crap "under throttle" so does it have a rev limiter? my kawaski has a reverse gear limiter!!! could this bike be wired wrong? did it come with a rev limiter for low gear or reverse gear? its difinative, i tried it multiple times with same result. btw, ive lost all brake. nothing but lever:( thanks, dale
  6. greetings. I took the valve cover off. it has been into before. I discoverded that the timing chain was off one tooth. I coorected that. one of the bolts were striped. had to get a helicoil. thats done. now i'm adjusting the valves. I'll try to get back on it:)
  7. swampcat, thanks, ill try those things. I just spend two nights laying under my f-250 diesel changing the radiator hoses. It sucked:) but I got it. I'll get back on the cat asap. dale
  8. Ok, did not get the pipe off yet. everything is stuck and is saoking. what is a plug chop? I bought the bike from my friend. he bought it for his son who grew up and moved on. it was used for trail riding and pulling a dirt plow. it sat for 2 years, and i bought it not running. I cleaned the fuel tank, carb, plug, and changed oil before starting. bike started right up, runs fairly strong, but not as strong as my 2000, 400 kawaski??? I thought it would be stronger. my friend said that he had the top end?? rebuilt after a run hot event. but that was a few years ago. bike shows 1100 miles on the odo. has not been snorkeled. im in dublin ga. elevation 277. there is one part of the carb i'm not sure of. the vent hose that hooks to the upper plastic port. I can not blow into it, but it will vent out. does it have a check valve to let air in the bowl? thanks again, dale
  9. Swampcat, I took your advise. I soaked the intake with wd-40 while the bike was running. no help. ran bike without air filter. no help. it runs a little better after a thorough carb cleaning. but still backfiring. "through the intake at idle" and out the exhaust while declerating. pipe is slightly red under power. Ironicly, when under power, I put a little choke on and that does not help, but obviously gets richer and will bog down. so, I took the tank off and totally cleaned. new gas. intalled new shut off valve with new strainers. new fuel hose also. still feels like exhaust pipe is clogged. dont know how to check. the bike was bought here in ga. dont know bout the jetting but they have been tinkered with. I will remove the carb again to find out jet size. what about ignition timing? is it easy to check? thanks again, dale
  10. I'll try the muffler next. air box does does not make a difference.
  11. ok, i took the carb off again and cleaned it. it made somewhat of a difference. pipe slightly glows red at about 2 grand. It idles better, but still backfires, especially when the motor is reved up, and is coming back down or on the decell. I wonder if the exhaust pipe is clogged? or once again, if anyone knows if valve adjustment can cause a backfire. btw, there was not an adjustment on the main needle in the carb.
  12. Ok, I will. I went the artic cat dealer today. talked with the tech. he said that a lean condition will cause the pipe to burn red, and cause the backfire. he wants me to remove the carb again, make sure the passages are clean, and move the needle on the slide up one notch. I'll try that soon and let you know. BTW. was told that there is not a carb kit for this bike. must buy the parts seperate:frown:ly.
  13. you think the dirty carb is causing it to run lean, hot and back fire. I read that valve adjustment can cause a backfire as well. I can do that cheap if I can find the specifics.
  14. Update. I got it running. needle valve and seat was stuck. would now allow fuel to bowl. Now. it runs but backfires like hell. also, pipe glows red. Is that normal? also fan runs all the time, is that normal. I took it for a ride to a mud hole that I take my 400 kawasaki all the time. the cat stuck up the frame instantly:) and dug in. I had to run back to the house, "bout half mile" to get the wife to go with me to pull me out. she was really happy:) we talked really nicely to each other, including my plan to buy this new one and restore it in this economy. She was really impressed. we havent spoken yet. Ive got to get it running good soon, cheaply, or else. funny, I took the [email protected] winch switch off to clean it, before i went on the ride. I told her that I had to buy this machine because it had a winch, and i would never get stuck again.

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