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  2. yes finaly someone talked to me yea u can put it in high low but the shifter wontt go in neutral it shift down to 1 and thats it
  3. its like the rearends locked but u can put it in 4x4 it pulls put it in gear it boggs down like somethings holdin it back
  4. it starts by silenoid i tryd anotherstarter switch the lights work on off switch worksbut thestartin switch dont
  5. one guy said on here 700$ but what i was asking one guy said it had cv joints u say bearing ive worked on alot of four wheelers but never would fool with a automatic for this reason i alwys had a clutch to tell u the truth im a honda yamaha man ive started rina clutch when i was 8 years old my first was a honda 50 dirtbikethis is the first automatic iv e ever owned
  6. im redoin this old 4 wheeler i bout got the hole engine new from the top end down to the gears then it quit firein u guys help me trace that down it was thei beleve its called a voltage regulator now im worried bout the rearend
  7. model is 2000 when i say slack i mean u can feel play in it when u roll it with ur hands back and forth but one side has just a little more than the other
  8. r u suppost to have slack in the wheels in a 4x4 300 sizuki king qaud or is something going out:bangheadc::bangheadc::bangheadc:

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