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just a word of advice...I bought my first ATV...1996 KingQuad 250...from an ebay ad that expired.....paid 1900.00... a little high but it had the winch and plow I & wanted it to plow a driveway....it started on purchase and when I got it home...got worse in short order and then only would start w/t much prayer...tried to "look into" problems....ended up in the shop where I found starter clutch shot (199.00) due to diaphragm dumping fuel into system and some more carb problems....553.08....I did call seller and he said it ran when I bought but he'd look into maybe sharing expense but I'm not holding my breath...so just be careful out there...unit runs great now but that was an expensive lesson.....STAY SAFE.....

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well...he sold it out of a business he works for so if he stiffs me I'm writing to corporate offices.....

we'll seeeeeeeeeeee

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A thorough test ride and once over is a must when buying anything used. Also, before you go to check it out, tell the seller that you want it to be cold when you get there. If someone knows there are problems, they may have the machine warmed up for you when you get there, this may temporarily hide some problems. I hope, that the guy makes it right, if he doesn't I would definately give him hell.

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