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    • By fartknocker
      Starting to see a lot more rednecks Witt giant ass diesels with these ridiculous exaust stacks coming out of the box lol. Holy hell. One guy in the town over from me has some pos 2wd 305 gm with massive stacks an obviously no mufflers lol....what a stupid look 
    • By ATVNetwork
      products Diesel ATV Hauler
      If you're an ATV or UTV nut, there's a pretty good possibility that you're also likely a truck guy. Transporting an ATV or UTV to the trailhead can certainly be done in… View the full article
    • By GeoD
      These are some UTVs (named Shrunkettes) my Dad sold as a distributor back in the early 80's. They received a lot of attention but they didn't sell very well. I think the base model was approx $3500. The Deluxe model $6500. No wonder they didn't sell!!! Even though today's UTV's go for approx $14-16k.
      My Dad had one base model and two Deluxe for display. They were neat little all terrain vehicles. The base model ripped!!! Too bad they were before their time and so damn expensive back in the day.
      The Company went belly up and they are no more. I made the PDF from the last known brochure.
      Shrukette Brochure
    • By edgeentertainment
      Looking for any quad rider groups that are interested in being a part of a Monster Truck show at the New York State Fair in Syracuse on Sunday September 2 2012. Basically it involves 2 teams of quad racers competing at scheduled times during the monster truck show.
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    • By trev0006
      Most expensive production motorcycles in the world
    • By Earthmover
      I'm looking @ making a trailer for my Rincon to tow on the beach for over night fishing&camping trips. I was just going to use 2" right angel iron and expanded mesh. And then just make a basic box trailer and have it galvanized, but Id rather not have the wheels protruding out of the side. I want to use my two standed front wheels from the Honda, So dose anyone know here I can score an axle, hubs and springs ∨ tourtion bars from very very cheep Any Idea's Tips Tricks Things to look out for would be terrific Thanks

    • By technofarmer
      Does anyone know where i can buy a radiator for a Polaris 500 sportsman? Preferably an aftermarket since mostly what i find is a factory part for 379 dollars?
      It just had to happen, the day after Thanksgiving, and yes i have plenty to be thankful for, however my radiator started steaming and it took me a while to find out where. So now i need a new one or maybe get it repaired?
      How was Thanksgiving for everyone?
    • By DirtDemon
      We toyed witht he idea of using my friends Kia Rio to pull our quads down to Winchester Bay. Figured we could still get a good 20mpg out of it, but we decided that we didn't want to replace the clutch 2 or 3 times on the way down and back.

    • By Alaskasunrise
      What experiences have you had with tow behind mowers for your ATV? What brands are better than others? We are now living on a large lot that has about 3 acres of pasture to mow, but we don't have the budget for a tractor/mower.
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