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BRP Can Am ATV VIN Decoder

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    • By Admin
      Have you checked out our new fluid view for our forum? It'll give you a list of the latest topics on the home page instead of the the traditional/classic forum categories. You can switch back and fourth from fluid to classic views by clicking on the buttons on the top of the forum...

    • By ATVsToday
      ©2009 by Del Albright, Use freely given by Permission Only, All Rights Reserved. Page 1
      View from the Locked Gate
      A bit of sarcasm about an access lesson
      By Del & Stacie Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition
      The gal in uniform with the big gun on her hip smiled and waved as she installed the recessed
      pad lock on the gate. I guess she thought we were happy about the road being closed. Her
      rugged 4x4 government‐bought pickup truck that was kinda parked in our view had all sorts of
      signs and decals declaring she was a public servant. We figured it must be true.
      She had sent us an official‐looking letter a while back asking for comments, but the fish were
      a’bitin’ so we missed out on the letter‐writin’. We figured someone else would write those
      darn letters. We figured wrong on all accounts.
      It was a heck of a view we had – trees, rocks, trails, roads, wildlife, mountains, creeks, and vast
      open areas beckoning to the adventurer in all of us. It’s easy to recall my Dad, Elmer, telling
      stories of roaming this kind of back country area 40 years ago with the freedom of a jack rabbit
      in the Mojave Desert. He always told us to get outdoors and have fun while taking care of the
      land. He figured we would all have the same freedom. He figured wrong.
      The ability, and most importantly the opportunity that my dad had to take his kids out and
      teach us how to fish, hunt, hike, play and breathe in the fresh air is all but gone now. My mind
      wanders off and I think of what can happen if we continue down this dangerous path of
      management by closure.
      Soon it will be just a happy memory of our nine year old when she was able to see nature, hike,
      take pictures and jump in and out of our 4 wheel drive while we were on the hunt for a new
      camp spot. Soon she will not have the opportunity to teach them the same lessons and family
      traditions that came naturally and innocently in her youth to her tots.
      Our view now is tainted, to say the least. Padlocks, iron pipe, closed signs, reinforced hinges,
      and small‐print letting us know under no uncertain circumstances that the land beyond the gate
      is CLOSED to access – unless of course you want to haul your buns in there via boot rubber.
      Now, as I stand here watching that same gal in uniform jump back into her four wheel drive
      (that I paid for) and drive on down my old favorite trail I get a lump in my throat and I get a
      little teary eyed just thinking about the view our kids are going to have from this same locked
      gate that’s in my backyard. I don’t think I’m figuring wrong anymore.
      Article: View from Locked Gate
      Back to the future: in reality, there are things we can all do to prevent this (sarcastic) scenario
      from happening. You’ve read tons of articles on getting involved, joining groups like
      BlueRibbon Coalition, and ensuring your family and friends have a place to ride. Just do it. Visit
      Land Use, Access and Rubicon Trail Home Page by Del Albright including Volunteer Training and Outdoor Photography and BlueRibbon Coalition: Preserving your recreational access to public lands. for more things you can do right now. Make a
      difference and help prevent closures from blocking our “view” any more. Join up, donate and
      get in the game. Please, before we have nothing left to figure on...
      The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public lands
      and waters, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. It represents over 10,000 individual
      members and 1,200 organization and business members, for a combined total of over 600,000
      recreationists nationwide. 1‐800‐258‐3742. BlueRibbon Coalition: Preserving your recreational access to public lands.
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    • By Connor Tuftin
      I have a 1988 300 Honda FourTrax, All wheel drive.
      My brother and I were fixing up this quad. We put a brand new battery and fuses in and it was running fine until we put the quad into reverse. As soon as it was put into reverse all of the electrical cut out and power wasn't making it to the head unit anymore and both of the brand new fuses popped. We figured there might have been a short from the starter or solenoids, but they are all working properly. At this point we don't know where to start looking for where the short could be. I'm just wondering if anybody has had the same issue or knows of similar issues that could cause these electrical shorts?
    • By Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
      Not satisfied with the commercially available versions, Jonathan recently built an ATV spring compressor.
      In this video, he demonstrates using it to remove & re-install the spring on an ATV coil-over shock absorber.
      Mistake in video - the coil-over shock is not quite a McPherson strut.
      If you are inspired to build your own spring compressor, feel welcome to use any ideas from this video.
      Thanks for watching! Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
    • By Robert Ochoa
      Don't worry about hauling the ATVs. We have the helmets, goggles, and gloves covered too. Our equipment is well maintained and gassed up ready to go!
      We take the work out of your fun!
      Book your next adventure now!
      #fourwheeler #atvlife #atvriding #atv #4wheeling #fourwheeling #mudding #outdooradventure #atvs #mudlife #powersports #northcarolina #southcarolina #southcarolinalife #offroading #AwesomeATVRentals #yamaha
    • By GrizzlyRider
      Gibbs Technologies Ltd, the world’s only High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology specialist, today unveiled a prototype of the first commercially viable high-speed amphibian Quadbike/All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) - Quadski.
      Quadski is the third demonstration of Gibbs’ HSA technology following the successes of the Aquada and the Humdinga. It is capable of travelling up to 50 mph (72 kph) on land and water and makes the transition at the flick of a switch.
      Commenting on the launch of the Quadski prototype, Alan Gibbs, the founder of UK based Gibbs Technologies Ltd. said, “Quadski is both exciting and practical with a multitude of uses”.
      “I know consumers will love the fun of driving a Quadski on land one minute and then head straight into the sea or river the next. But there is a very serious side to Quadski as well: emergency services and aid workers will be able to reach areas and people no two or four wheel drive vehicle could reach.”
      Gibbs Technologies
    • By snopro57
      Im looking for a Cannondale quad mechanic anyone know one I can call possibly , I live in upstate new York
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