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2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker - No spark. Please Help

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so i got a 2000 yamaha bear tracker 250 and when i first got it, it ran fine once u finally got it started. well i narrowed that down to the intake tube was too long so i got oem parts and fixed that hoping bam there goes that problem well i get it all put back together and all of the sudden it will crank but no fire off. :aargh: so i remove the spark plug to make sure im getting fire and no dice so i put a new spark plug in and still no fire. so electrical problem but im lost as to where to start. :skeptic::confused: or how to test any of the electrical parts leading to the spark plug. please help i would sure like to get this thing running for my three year old for christmas. thanks in advance.

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    • By RevNate
      Trying to help a friend with his 2004 Yamaha warrior 350... It wasn’t getting a spark so we replaced the spark plug, cdi box and coil. Have tested the kill switch, checked fuse,  everything is good there. Monday (8-20-18) we installed a new stator and got spark, ran it around my trails for about half hour then put it up. Today (8-25-18) we went to go riding and it wouldn’t start, again getting no spark... can’t wrap our heads around what happened when we got spark back then a few days later nothing... any help would be greatly appreciated 
    • By Nick&Britt Mann
      I have a 97 Kawasaki Lakota 300 kef300a. It will not start. I have replace coil stator pulse generator and spark plug. Set timing and checked flywheel and am getting intermittent spark. Sparks once when starter engages and once when disengages. However, if I slowly pull the pull rope Sparks great. If I pull it normal it Sparks once. The cdi box and the kill switch are the only two things I haven't replaced but if I turn the switch to of no spark at all so I'm pretty sure it's working. Any ideas on what it may be?
    • By Bubbashady5
      my 2001 kawasaki bayou 300 4x4 has no spark. I replaces the spark plug and the ignition coil but still no spark. Can somebody tell me what to do to fix this.
    • Guest Devmo13
      By Guest Devmo13
      2006 Artic cat 400 4x4 automatic transmission, no spark. Coil ignition assembly, spark plug (wire, boot) checked and replaced. Still nothing, ideas?
    • By rob1020
      Grandson has an Eton thunder 90cc that has no spark. It would run for about 5 minutes and then shut off just like turning off a switch. Now i can get no spark.
      I have replaced the Stator, CDI< COIL AND PLUG. hAVE RUN OUT OF THINGS TO TRY. Mechanics that i know are all stumped. All that has not been replaced would be the Resistor and Rectifier could one of these be the problem?
      Does anyone have any ideas?
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