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  2. I just bought a 2001 big bear 400 4x4 w/ a snowblade and winch. Seems like a great deal even if its a little rough. I am not worried about the pretty only the mechanical for now. I bought it knowing it hasnt ran in about 8 months. The previous owner put a rebuild kit in the carb and believe he didnt get the clip in the right position on the needle(perhaps wrong term). Anyhow does anyone know where the clip belongs or any other settings on it I can double check? He said it ran but was doggy as hell if doing anything other than sitting at idle. Ran ok before the carb rebuild, 1600 miles on her. Have to pick up a battery too. Hmm..and that damn nut on the steering stem is loose causing bar slop. Any info I ought to have as a new big bear owner is appreciated

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