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  1. Thanks for reply. Does anyone have the float adjustment specs on the carb. I just bent tab slightly to stop the leak but enough to still run. Could i have it adjusted wrong? Carb is clean and diaphram good.
  2. Thanks for reply. It does not produce no smoke as though it is getting to much. It sounds like it might need more gas. If airbox is left off and you open 3/4 gas and will have a fine mist coming back out of carb instead of sucking in as though valves needing adjusted but they are fine (i checked). The best way i can describe the miss is, as i am riding it is though a plug wire breaking down. More of a skiping and a slight pop back thorough carb that i can hear. Diaphram looks good along with everything in carb including main jet(have taken out and cleaned). Could my float still be out of adjustment to cause this? Electrical?
  3. I have had problems with my artic cat 2004 400 4x4 manual transmission. It started with me having not riden in a month and when i started to ride gas came out of the overflow and a miss was going on. Cleaned carb and adjusted float and stoped the leak but miss was still there. Started leaking again 1 week later and went back in carb and found black rubber due to fuel line coming apart. Cleaned and reassembled. No more leak and cranks and idles fine but when riding still has small miss that you can hear sometimes poping back through carb. I have adjusted float, adjusted pilot screw, checked valve adjustment changed spark plug changed fuel line all seems fine. Could this be electrical??? When given almost full throttle out of gear it will miss bad is this due to a rev limitor or does this modle have one???? This is driving me nuts. Any advice will be helpful Thanks.

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