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  2. Well hey I sure do appreciate the feedback.This is the only answer I received from 3 sites.It does sound like excellant info.So thank you I have the cylinder cleaned up crosshatched and 2 sets of rings on the way.
  3. I have the specs for the motor.I never start any engine without them the piston skirt clearence with the original piston is .0011 to .0021 according to the book.I have .0042.No place will bore .25MM over.They all start at .50MM or .020.I cant afford that.Creating to much compression has at times on old used engines created lower case problems. I have one engine here bored,crosshatched, ringed and piston with new pin bearing.ran as breakin 1 hour later the rod broke. rod had 3300 miles of stress on it. Can you please explain why a .25MM over ring wont work?? Thanks for the reply out of 3 posts on 3 different sites your the only one who tried to help!! Thanks PS I am a outboard mechanic,I have plenty experience with 2 strokes.These pistons with that ring stop pin has me baffled.I have and can yet put a file to the ring if the pin area needs to be made to the same size as a standard ring.I just want to be closer to specs when I put it back together.
  4. I had some leaky seals and a bad running Polaris 250 2x4 mod W937527.Compression was 90 lbs.Just had the cylinder to a shop for measuring.Standard 72mm is 2.835 inches this cylinder is round and measures 2.839 and a bit wider at the bottom.The ring gap with the used rings is .25. Here is my question>The piston has the ring stops that pin,Can I use the standard piston with a ring set .10 over? The manual says ring gap seated in the cylinder should be .0009 to .0018. I am disabled and it will only run me 800 ft to a mailbox once a day and maybe a little use around the yard,so a bore,and new parts are out fixed income cant afford that. Can I go .010 over on the rings with the standard piston? Thanks for any advice
  5. My 1993 Polaris 250 2X4 Mod #W927527, calls for Grease that conforms to NLG1No.2 grease in the rear axle bearings and all other grease zerts.Its a gear type 2. Conoco Superlube M and Mobilegrease Special are reccomended.Is there another grease readily available I can use?
  6. Thank you that helps.If anyone can get a 1993 manual, owners,Parts or repair I sure would appreciate it.I did download the multi manual at the start of this thread. What do I need to remove to get at the solenoid and starter?? One of them,Maybe both are bad,I'd like To check the output of the solenoid,Then direct wire the starter to see if it is working.I get a elec start sometimes,but the starter doesnt stay enguaged to long.I can test just need to find and access them.
  7. Hello everyone I am new here.I am searching for a owners manual for a 1993 Polaris 250 2X4. polaris site is way to much!!They want me to register it with the state,Then show up at a dealer with photo ID and the state registration,I just bought it yesterday and state registration will take weeks come Monday when I can get to a state office to change the registration to my name.Then the wait for a current registration in my name!! They also told me they dont have manuals back that far!! I will avoid Polaris's site.Can I get help here? I bought the machine so the ole girl can get to the mail box 1300 ft down the road,I am having a surgery and this will make a few things easier for her. I will look for a introduce yourself right after this post Thanks for any help.I need to test the solenoid and starter.Haven't had a bike or snomoblie for 40 years so I am behind on these machines.

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