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  2. I just went ahead and ordered an aftermarket on ebay from zoom zoom parts for $170, caltric didn't have one - it's good to know that you've had good luck with them, thanks!
  3. No, that's the main jet nozzle, I need the plastic housing that that nozzle presses into. It's not available separately, only sold as part of carb assy
  4. My father in law took it to a dealer to have it rebuilt but they told him that they couldn't get the main jet out of the nozzle. So someone clamped onto the stem that the nozzle goes into with vise grips attempting to hold the nozzle still I guess, now the whole stem will turn in the base of the carb, looks like it's screwed to me. Thanks for your reply!
  5. I was just given a 1996 wolverine for Christmas from my father in law, needs a new carb. The cheapest that I can find a new one is $500, looks like it's an oddball carb. Is it possible to use a warrior carb which is a lot less expensive and more available? I found an aftermarket wolverine carb for like $170, anyone had any luck with these? Thanks!

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