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  1. As it turns out the R & blue/white were reversed (on the stator side). I had to unpin them from the connector and switch around and what do you know..SPARK!! Thanks the help guys. Hopefully thins can help someone in the future.
  2. might be onto something. If these two wires are the charging/direction wires and I'm only noticing spark when the engine "rocks backwards" then maybe they are wired incorrectly from the stator supplier.
  3. Not OEM. You think the aftermarket one might have it backwards at the connector? Here is what the connector wiring is (per the manual) R= Solid Red W/L = White w/blue W/G = White w/ Green W/R = White /Red [/img]
  4. 01 Big Bear 400. Ignition coil, stator, pickup, regulator, wire harness, ECU..... all replaced.... :sadly: lol I beginning to wonder if the stator came bad. I need to validate the kill switch and the ignition key switch still.
  5. This has been a frustrating one to figure out, but long story short I've replaced just about every component on the machine and I'm still not getting spark. Or at least not how it suppose to work... When the engine is turning over it does not spark at all, but sometimes when I let off on the start button it will spark just once. I've played with this numerous times and it will only generate a spark like this. I've seemed to somehow come to the conclusion that this correlates to the engine or crank "rocking" backwards. Depending on where it is in the stroke the crank will rotate back in the opposite direction when the starter motor dis-engages. I thought maybe I had a polarity problem, but this is where I'm stuck. If it is indeed a polarity problem what could cause it? If it's not a polarity problem is it just categorized as a "weak" spark issue? Everything seems to ohm out fine, continuity checks at each plug check out, etc, etc.... Throw me some ideas. PLEASE!

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